Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) Counselling

Approved Provider with CVAP

Our CVAP registered counsellors have training and experience counselling LGBTQ2S+ folks in British Columbia.

Eligible clients can get FREE mental health counselling through The Centre for Gay Counselling with one of our CVAP approved counsellors.

About CVAP

There are many ways a crime can affect your life. If you have been physically or emotionally hurt as a result of a violent crime, you may be entitled to financial assistance.

CVAP assists victims, immediate family members and some witnesses in coping with the effects of violent crime. It provides financial benefits to help offset financial losses and assist in recovery.

You can read more about CVAP counselling benefits here.

How to Get Started

To get started, book a free phone consultation with our CVAP approved provider, Victor Wakarchuk. This consultation allows you to get to know each other and discuss what you’d like to focus on in counselling. Click the button below to book a consultation.

CVAP Approved Providers

Victor Wakarchuk Registered Social Worker (RSW) Master of Social Work (MSW) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) British Columbia BC Gay Men LGBTQ Online Virtual Counseling Counselling Therapy Teletherapy

Victor Wakarchuk