The Self-Worth Blueprint

How Gay Men Are Learning to Truly Love Themselves

What you’ll get in this FREE guide:

✅ An inside look into the 3-step process we use to help gay men actually love themselves.

✅ A deeper understanding of what self-worth is, and why it’s the secret ingredient.

✅ Insight into how gay men are healing, and unlocking their ability to love themselves (without losing progress after).

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About The Centre for Gay Counselling

Blog Bio Jordan Gruenhage Canada Gay Counsellor Therapist

Hello! I’m Jordan Gruenhage.

As a young gay man trying to start my own counselling journey, I found there wasn’t much out there specifically for gay men.

Noticing this lack of resources planted an idea.

This idea grew over the years as I continued to research and train in the counselling field, and specialize in gay men’s mental health.

As time went on, I was glad to see more mental health services and resources for gay men, but I knew that it still wasn’t enough.

I realized that if I wanted to see more high-quality mental health services designed for gay men, I’d need to be a part of that change. And so, The Centre for Gay Counselling was born from the idea that was planted many years before.

At The Centre for Gay Counselling, we love working with gay men because we personally know the challenges many gay men face.

We help gay men understand themselves better, heal from their past, and grow their sense of self-worth so that they can enjoy the fulfilling lives they deserve.

It’s an incredible privilege each week to help fellow gay men who have difficult problems take the necessary steps to make their lives and relationships easier, more productive, and just overall better.

Once you start to love yourself more, your life will never be the same.

The Centre for Gay Therapy