LGBTQIA+ Therapy for Gay Men in Montreal

Takeaway: Our gay-affirmative counselling services in Montreal are specifically designed to help gay men just like you navigate the unique challenges you face. Together, we can help you heal from your past and create fulfilling relationships with both yourself and others.

Looking for a therapist who really gets you as a gay man? Many folks reach out to us when they’re having difficulty dealing with things on their own. Sometimes, they’ve tried therapy before, but it didn’t quite click because it felt like their counsellor didn’t understand issues related to being 2SLGBTQIA+.

We’re more than just “gay friendly.” Our entire practice’s approach is focused on celebrating and helping fellow queer individuals seeking support with the nuances of their mental health. That’s why all our therapists are skilled in 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming and trauma-informed therapy approaches. This means that they know their stuff when it comes to sexual orientation, gender identity, and mental health.

If you’re in Montreal and looking for a queer therapist, you probably have some questions. Check out our answers below to help you find the therapist that’s just right for you.

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Embracing language diversity and our use of acronyms:

As we strive to support and celebrate the wide range of identities within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, we understand how crucial the right language and terms can be.

Throughout this page, you’ll notice we use different acronyms to refer to members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Our go-to is “2SLGBTQIA+” for its inclusivity, but we know that the language around identity is constantly evolving and very personal. That’s why we’ve included a variety of these acronyms. Our goal is to ensure everyone feels welcome and supported, no matter how they search for support.

We’re here to recognize and support each person’s unique journey as they seek a therapist who truly gets it.

Our approach to queer-affirming counselling for gay men in Montreal

The Centre for Gay Counselling was established to provide mental health services specifically for gay men.

Our team embraces 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming principles. This means we believe there is nothing wrong with being gay and that there is a critical need for LGBTQ individuals to have their intrinsic worth validated. All the therapists in our practice are highly skilled and experienced in therapeutic approaches aimed at assisting queer men.

Our expertise is in helping gay men, but our psychotherapy services are accessible to all who feel they could benefit from working with our team. Our 2SLGBTQIA+ competent therapists have broad backgrounds of experience with 2SLGBTQIA+ clients, including the families and allies of 2SLGBTQIA+ folks.

Our clinicians incorporate diverse methods and philosophies in their therapeutic work. In the initial stages, you’ll establish a rapport with your therapist, explore suitable therapy options, and decide on the objectives for your sessions.

We use some of the following approaches with clients:

IFS focuses on fostering a more positive relationship with oneself. It’s especially effective for dealing with complex trauma (CPTSD), issues related to interpersonal relationships and families, and feelings of shame. In addition, IFS is a nonpathologizing approach that does not see people through the lens of disorders.

EMDR is a technique designed to help process and move past emotional traumatic events that feel stuck.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT):

ACT is a type of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with lots of research validating it’s effectiveness. ACT is useful for working on feelings of anxiety, social anxiety, depression, grief, and stress.

Sex Therapy:

Sex therapy offers a respectful way to address matters concerning sex and sexual expression, which is considerate of your emotional and physical safety.

This therapy is inclusive, supportive, and accepting of any sexual orientations, gender identity, and gender expression. It’s particularly beneficial for many members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, as it provides a safe space for exploring sexual orientation, sex, and pleasure while avoiding any shaming and pathologizing attitudes.

Regardless of the type of therapy you decide on with your therapist, rest assured that every approach our therapists use is trauma-informed, queer-affirming, and judgment-free.

Meet our highly-rated gay therapists in Montreal

Your path to personal growth is unique, and it’s important to find a counsellor who truly understands you. Browse our team of therapists below to find one that resonates with you and your journey.

Jordan Gruenhage Canada Gay Counsellor Therapist

Jordan Gruenhage

(he/him) • MA, CCC, RCC

🖥️ Exclusively online

🗓️ Accepting new clients

Jordan is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Canadian Certified Counselor who has committed more than ten years to studying and training in areas specifically related to the distinct challenges and life experiences of queer men. His approach is characterized by warmth, safety, and playfulness, which offers great comfort to new clients as they navigate their mental health.

Jordan specializes in assisting gay men with understanding their emotions, healing from previous traumas, and enhancing their sense of self-worth. He excels in providing support to new clients for trauma recovery, particularly in areas such as shame, self-worth, family of origin, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Victor Wakarchuk Canada Gay Counsellor Therapist

Victor Wakarchuk

(he/him) • RCC, MSW, RSW

🖥️ Exclusively online

🗓️ Accepting new clients

Victor is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker with a Master of Social Work degree who brings more than eight years of diverse professional experience in both hospital settings and mental health care, including specific roles in an HIV clinic and a trans health clinic. As a therapist, he adopts a warm, accepting, and shame-free approach, ensuring a safe environment for new clients to delve into their challenges.

Victor is highly skilled in assisting queer men who face issues like anxiety, social anxiety, stress, and depression. Additionally, his expertise in sex therapy makes him particularly adept at providing guidance to new clients for issues surrounding sex and sexuality.

Why choose the Centre for Gay Counselling?

Curious to see if our practice matches your specific needs? Explore why The Centre for Gay Counselling could be a good fit for your journey.

lgbt therapist montreal
  • You want a queer-affirming therapist.

    • Our commitment to being 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming extends beyond our competent therapists’ extensive training and experience with LGBTQ folks. It involves actively recognizing and valuing gender identity and sexual orientation rather than merely accepting or tolerating them. We approach our work with the belief that the diversity of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation enriches our lives and should not be viewed as disorders.

    • We see 2SLGBTQIA+ affirmation as a dynamic, continuous process. Our therapists consistently engage with members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to enrich their approach with a wealth of resources and insights. We keep strong ties with service organizations within the broader Canadian 2SLGBTQIA+ community, stay up to date with the latest 2SLGBTQIA+ mental health research, and remain connected with queer culture.

  • You want to work together with your therapist to get longterm results.

    • We’re committed to guiding new clients toward lasting, positive transformation by taking a holistic approach. We focus on resolving current issues and healing past traumas to ensure that the progress you make is sustainable into the future.

    • Our clients who have seen the most success are those who actively engage in their counselling sessions and adopt a broad, enduring approach to their mental health. Our goal is to enable clients to feel capable and prepared to manage their mental health throughout their lives.

  • You want a therapist with lived experience.

    • All the therapists in our practice have personal experience in the areas they focus on, ensuring they can genuinely understand and relate to your situation. You can trust that your therapist will offer empathetic support backed by a profound grasp of the complexities in emotions and relationships common to 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals.

    • We believe it’s essential that our therapists’ personal experiences enhance, not hinder, your psychotherapy experience. Therefore, each of our counsellors participates in continuous clinical consultation and personal psychotherapy, equipping them to provide the most effective support.

When the Centre for Gay Counselling may not be the best fit for you

We aim to help as many members of the LGBTQ+ community as we can and know that matching each person’s unique needs with the right therapist is key. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve outlined why you might find a better fit with different therapists.

  • You want in-person counselling in Montreal.

    • We offer our counselling services entirely through online platforms. While we desire to assist as many 2SLGBTQIA+ people as possible, our therapists work exclusively via teletherapy.

    • Studies indicate that online counselling can be as beneficial as face-to-face sessions. However, teletherapy might not be suitable for everyone. For instance, if you regularly deal with psychosis or suicidal ideation, online counselling might not be the best option. Additionally, if you lack a secure and private environment for your counselling sessions, the effectiveness of online therapy could be compromised.

  • You’re looking for a psychotherapist to “correct” your behaviour quickly.

    • We understand that during tough times, it’s tempting to hope for a therapist who can provide instant solutions to all your challenges. While we also wish for the ability to offer immediate relief to new clients, the truth is that meaningful and enduring benefits from therapy usually come through a different approach. Our experience shows that clients reach their best results when they commit to an extended period of therapy and regularly use the resources and insights gained during sessions in their everyday life.

  • You’re not looking for a queer-affirming counsellor.

    • We recognize that people who feel shame about their sexual orientation or gender identity might seek a psychotherapist who reflects the negative beliefs they’ve encountered from family or society. Growing up in an environment that stigmatizes being 2SLGBTQIA+, it’s not uncommon to develop internalized homophobia. Yet, studies have revealed that therapies which view 2SLGBTQIA+ identities as disorders are so detrimental that they’re now prohibited in Canada.

    • For those struggling with painful feelings or shame related to any aspects of their behaviour or how they identify, our therapists have consistently seen that psychotherapy which affirms being 2SLGBTQIA+ is the most effective way to address these painful emotions.

FAQs about working with a gay-affirming therapist in Montreal

Can you get free therapy in Montreal?

Your insurance plan may allow you to access counselling services at no cost or for a lesser fee. After each session, clients are charged via credit card and provided with a receipt that includes their counsellor’s professional registration details. This receipt can often be used for reimbursement with an insurance provider. As a result, many clients find that their counselling sessions are effectively free or come at a minimal cost once they receive reimbursement from their insurance provider.

Our therapists also have a limited number of sliding scale spots available for clients without insurance coverage that face significant financial barriers.

Why is LGBTQIA+ affirmative counselling important?

Affirmative therapy for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community is crucial as it helps in addressing and overcoming the harmful effects of negative perceptions and messages about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in Canada face more significant mental health challenges compared to their straight counterparts. Studies indicate that the lack of support and negative societal and familial attitudes contribute significantly to the increased mental health difficulties faced by LGBTQ individuals.

Evidence from research on 2SLGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy demonstrates its effectiveness in enhancing the wellbeing of LGBTQ people. This form of therapy provides the supportive and accepting environment that many 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals may have missed during their youth.

How can I find a psychologist in Quebec?

If you’re in Montreal and on the lookout for a queer therapist, understanding the distinctions between a psychotherapist, psychologist, registered social worker, marriage and family therapist, registered drama therapist, and art therapist can be confusing. In Quebec, all these mental health professionals may offer counselling services, and the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec (OPQ) largely decides how psychotherapy is regulated in the province.

What mainly sets these professionals apart is their educational background and the regulatory standards of their respective professional colleges. Additionally, when considering insurance coverage for counselling services, it’s important to note that your policy may only extend to sessions with specific types of mental health practitioners.

When choosing an LGBTQ therapist in Montreal, remember that the best match with a counsellor isn’t just about their title or qualifications. It’s also about finding someone who feels right for you. And because our therapists offer online counselling, each therapist in our queer-owned private practice can meet with you wherever you are in Quebec or across Canada.

lgbt therapist montreal

Build insight and self-esteem with our LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapists in Montreal

We firmly believe in the inherent value of 2SLGBTQIA+ people and their right to lead satisfying lives. Our commitment is to help you find greater self-acceptance through therapy that positively affirms your identity.

Our clients continually inspire us. We feel incredibly honoured to assist LGBTQ folks in navigating their challenges and guiding them toward a more rewarding, simpler, and improved life.

Ready to start? Click the button below to arrange a free 15 minute consultation call with one of our therapists. This call is an opportunity for them to understand your needs better and talk about how we can provide support.